Todd is the leader of the Mountain West Maximo User Group - join their meeting 8/4-8/6 in Park City, UT:

What is your title and role within your company?

I am the Maximo Project Manager at URS Corporation’s chemical demilitarization facility in Tooele, Utah as well as the Program Co-Director of the Mountain West Maximo User Group (MWMUG). Our facility is located about 45 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah in an isolated area within the Tooele Army Depot South Area boundaries. Our facility is currently in a closure phase as we have completed destruction of nearly 45% of the nation’s stockpile of chemical weapons.

We run Maximo version, but started it all with Maximo 4.1.1, I am the main point of contact between our end users and our Maximo developers. We have installed and implemented a scheduling tool, “AKWIRE” by Solufy Information Technologies. We have installed and implemented Datasplice mobile/barcoding solution as well with good results. These are both add-on tools that have proven that they can meet our stringent business needs.


What do you find most valuable about the TUC as a Member?

As the Program Co-Director of the MWMUG I can tell you firsthand that the benefits achieved through networking are invaluable. Being a member of the TUC is expanding the network for us, we want to share the information that we have learned while learning from others’ experiences. We want to work efficiently and still utilize industry best-practices, there is a plethora of knowledge within these groups, tapping that knowledge is important to our success, both individually and professionally. We are always looking at what is on the Horizon, IBM has always been good at offering new solutions, being aware of these solutions is key. Being a member of a user group is the first step toward understanding how others use a product rather it is Maximo, Tririga, or some other asset management solution.


With your new role as group leader, what do you hope to accomplish?

I hope to share as much information as possible with others that want to hear about our lessons learned. If we can help get the right solution in place to make the job successful then we have met our goal. I would like to see TUC members cross-over and become MWMUG members and vice-versa; both groups have a lot to offer.