Mike is a leader of the Southern Ontario Maximo User Group (SOMUG).  The SOMUG is hosting their next user group meeting October 22nd.  For more information click here

What is your title and role within your organization?

Mike Hausser, P.Eng  - Director of Asset Management and Support Services – City of Cambridge, Ontario

My role in the organization is three-fold:

Formulates an overall corporate/department asset management strategy, including implementation plans and sustainable resource requirements that reconcile current needs and anticipates future need.

Recommends broad policies and long-range strategies related to infrastructure management that adapt to evolving legislation and industry practices to ensure the achievement of long term sustainability of core municipal service delivery to the public, industry, institutions, and commercial sectors.  

Advocates for change that combine administrative, technical, operational, political, and technological perspectives that align efforts within and outside of the organization to progressively achieve greater efficiency, transparency, and accountability in the sustainable delivery of municipal services and the infrastructure assets that support those services.

What do you find most valuable about the TUC as a Member?

I’m relatively new to the group.  I am finding that it is a valuable forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas from many perspectives.

What advice would you share to other leaders looking to better manage their existing group?

I encourage users to identify topics and lead the discussions and presentations.   I encourage service providers and consultants to attend as observers only.   I do not solicit nor accept sponsorship in the form of give-aways, prizes, or draws.   I limit sponsorship support in terms of providing meeting space, refreshments, and a modest lunch.   I see user group meetings for users to meet and talk.  There are a lot of opportunities for solution and service providers to engage with users at other industry conferences.

What value do you see in user communities in general?

I see that there continues to be a demand and desire for users to share knowledge and discuss issues they face inside an organization that affect how, when, or if, they are able to implement best practices and technology that supports that transition.    In that light, discussions need to be led by internal staff and entice other staff to share their experience in a ‘safe’ and confidential environment.   In this type of forum, some of the best discussion and insight is gained.     To foster this type of environment I actively discourage presentations or topics from being led by service providers as in many cases, the way forward is not of a technical nature, but about internal change management that must come from within an organization and is rarely influenced by external consulting services.  

The value in having service providers attend session as observers, is that they are able to gain insight into the real challenges with implementing technical solutions, if not acknowledged, planned for, and dealt with, the end result typically is a less than satisfactory overall implementation – even if it was the right technology with the right functionality with the right level of technical expertise to fit the business need.   Highly successful implementations require internal dedication to a goal and change management skills as well as the right technology and service providers.