Hi Everyone!

How time flys!

I cant believe its six weeks since we launched our brand new community website,  I hope you have taken the opportunity
to look around the new site at all the new capabilities and features,  forums, Blogging to name a few! Something we have been looking for,  for our our community for some time. These new features will help you to keep in touch with your community's not just your local groups but the Tivoli community as a whole, just take a look at the buzz for the webcast's that are happening - we had 171 members for the Maximo webcast this week alone.

Our new site makes collaboration between us so much more easier - it just makes complete sense! !

I know most of you have been planning and preparing for your  Spring meetings, and like with any change training is an important part of the process - so with this in mind we have set-up several webcasts over the next couple of weeks, these webcasts will walk you through the new features and benefits of your new Community website, I encourage you all to attend and most importantly they will give you the chance to ask questions and get them answered!

Highlights will include:

  • Logging into the new community with your credentials (and who to contact if you need help resetting these!)
  • Managing your Profile and Settings
  • Joining a Group
  • Signing up to receive User Group communications
  • Posting content within your User Group
  • Interacting with other Group members

You can register for these and other Community webcasts here!