Hands-on Labs exercises

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Hands-on Labs exercises

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I was at the IBM Pulse 2012 and read in the hands-on lab that you would be able to download all the exercises on the pulsesmartsite.com, but they are no where to be found...

Any one knows where to find and download them ?



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  • Michael - I've taken this question back to the IBM Pulse team and learned that what you're referencing was a temporary download option.  They're currently in discussions about reinstating this capability.

  • Hi Hope

    Any news on the hands-on lab exercises ?

  • Hi ToxDK,

    The IBM team is happy to send you pdfs of the exercises you need.  Unfortunately, they were not able to re-post the "hands on" site. Please email "CommunityManager@tivoli-ug.org" with which ones you're interested in and we'll get your information in the right hands at IBM.