September 25, 2012 at 11:00 am ET, USA

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 Overview:  Building a cloud starts with virtualizing your IT environment, but the nature of the virtual environment has created a new set of management complexities that can impede business service delivery—and that are best handled by adding simple cloud-computing capabilities to optimize virtualized infrastructure. Many aren’t ready for advanced cloud features but do want to leverage their current infrastructure and see a road map to get to cloud.

In this follow-up webcast to the "Top 5 ways to optimize your VMware environment using IBM SmartCloud", get into the details of  IBM SmartCloud Provisioning capabilities and  learn about simple strategies to enter cloud, counter virtualization pain points, automate and optimize your virtual environment for faster application deployment and increased business agility while keeping costs low. 

 About the Speaker: Matt Rodkey, Product Manager, Cloud Mgmt.

Matt Rodkey is a Product Manager focusing on Tivoli Cloud Solutions.  In 13 years with IBM, Matt has worked in a number of areas in the Tivoli portfolio including Security, Monitoring, and Service Delivery. Click Here to view his TUC Profile