Tuesday, January 22, 2013 at 11:00 AM ET USA

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IBM SmartCloud Consumer Monitoring is a new product developed for cloud consumers and service providers.  An innovative new architecture embeds monitoring technology in library images, so newly deployed VMs are discovered and monitored within seconds of being instantiated.  “Fabric Nodes” used innovative distributed database technology to display data for nodes and applications, or logical groupings of them, and run as virtual machines alongside the application VMs.  New fabric nodes come online as needed, and shut themselves down when no longer needed, ensuring optimum use of virtual resources.


 Ben Stern, Executive IT Specialist, IBM Cloud & Virtualization products

Ben Stern is an Executive IT Specialist.   For the past several years, he has defined Best Practices for Tivoli's SAPM portfolio.  Most recently, he has taken on Best Practices role for the Cloud and Virtualization products.