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In many organizations today, storage replication is riddled with manual errors and/or poorly written in-house scripts that often provide no view of overall copy environment status. Additionally, setup and ongoing management of large-scale copy services is increasingly becoming cumbersome. IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center enables simplified yet comprehensive control over replication process.

Evaluate how IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center can enable centralized view and simplified management of replication processes, providing deep control over copy services, including both planned and unplanned disaster recovery procedures. During the webcast you will learn how TPC can benefit you.

About the Speaker:

Mike Griese, Product Manager, IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

Mike joined IBM in 1983 as graduate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri – Rolla.  Mike has held several positions in storage development, including drive controller design and programming, RAID array design, storage management application development, RAS engineering, and development management.

Recently, Mike was responsible for storage resource management software competitive analysis.  Prior to that assignment, Mike was  the Technical Support Management lead for storage software products – Including TPC.  In this role, Mike was responsible for ensuring that end-to-end technical support was in place prior to product releases.

Mike is currently the Tivoli Segment Manager for Storage resource & device management, which includes responsibility for Tivoli Storage Productivity Center strategy.

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