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Data management is critical to organizations of all sizes and they rely on their data for business continuity because a lapse in data protection can have serious implications. In this webcast, Einstein Healthcare Network will demonstrate how it uses Rocket Servergraph to provide an in-depth view of the company's entire backup environment, enabling it to maintain complete data integrity through reliable data protection management and disaster recovery.

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager is a family of products that helps organizations manage and protect their data assets by delivering a single point of control and administration for storage management needs. This advanced, highly scalable product helps increase the efficiency of your IT operations and helps cut costs related to storage management by providing a wide range of advanced capabilities using policy-based automation, including:

  • Backup and recovery
  • Disaster recovery planning and replication
  • Data reduction and much more...
  • Bare-machine recovery with Cristie BMR Software


About the Speaker:  

 Parul Patel, Data Backup Administrator

Data backup Administrator at Einstein Healthcare Network. Hold various positions. I worked as GroupWise (Email Administrator), FTP Administrator, Sr. Network Analyst.. Extensive experience in IBM Mainframe. Knowledge of VTAM, NCP, SNA Network. Good knowledge on JCL, MVS 4.2 and ZOs 1.4. Understanding for Windows Servers including 2008.Stared using TSM 5.3.4. Knowledge of Backup product, Symantec backup exec and Upstream.. Knowledge of Mainframe Backup product FDR/ABR , also CA products, CA-VIEW, CA-Deliver, CA-TMS and CA-Scheduler both system and application user side.