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CERN stores 40 petabytes of data with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager - CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, uses IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software to collect huge amount of data from its Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator. Click to watch the video.

Client Reference Press Release - UPMC prepares for onslaught of digital images & remote medical data

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) creates efficiencies in the way they store and utilize data with new technology from IBM and other technology partners.

Interview - 'What data are you willing to lose?' IBM ForwardView, October 2104. 

Read the Interview with RJ Nichols, Tech Data executive, about data protection and recovery issues in small and mid-sized organizations.  

IBM Sees Software Defined Storage as Tipping Point in Taming Big Data Deluge - Check out IBM's new Software Defined Storage announcements at Enterprise 2014

IBM announces the addition of two products from Cristie Software - CloneManager® and Recovery Simulator on 7 October 2014.

CloneManager® is a machine mobility solution that creates exact copies of running machines in a different environment. It is used for replicating, syncing and moving operating systems, applications and associated data between and within different physical, virtual and cloud environments. Users can optimize resource allocation, manage their server infrastructure, and utilise disaster recovery (DR) capabilities. CloneManager currently supports migration to and from Microsoft Azure with support for SoftLayer and AWS being released shortly.

Recovery Simulator provides assurance that machines are recoverable from their backups and allows TSM users to automate and schedule full disaster recovery tests and report on the results. It is available in conjunction with TBMR (BMR for TSM) as well as a standalone solution for users of IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager for Virtual Environments (TSM for VE). The TSM for VE option provides a low cost mechanism for testing recovery to a VM that it creates within a protected TSM for VE managed environment.

The Cristie products will be available to IBM Sellers and Channel Partners via IBM Passport Advantage® (“PPA”) quoting and ordering system. Click here to read the Announcement Letter.

New releases of TSM 7.1.1 and FCM 4.1.1 now available for download! - Here are some of the highlights of the new functions/features of TSM Server, TSM Operations Center, TSM for VE, TSM B/A client, TSM for HSM, Data Protection for Exchange, Data Protection for SQL Server, FlashCopy Manager for Windows and FlashCopy Manager for VMware.

TSM Product documentation collections - Download the latest set of information about Tivoli Storage Manager products from the IBM Knowledge Center

The Impact of Big Data on Storage  - An ESG 360 discussion series in four parts on the Impact of Big Data on Storage, with ESG Senior Analysts Mark Peters, Terri McClure, and Nik Rouda, and ESG Analyst Scott Sinclair. Click to see:  Part 1 & Part 2

Modernizing Data Protection for SMBs - Analyst Dave Vellante of Wikibon and Channel Sales Leader R.J. Nichols of Tech Data discuss SMB data protection challenges and examine how SMBs can modernize data protection without having an increase in staff or time spent in this on-demand video

Data Protection Appliances are better than PBBAs - Check out this video to see how ESG's Jason Buffington looks at Data Protection Appliances

Data growth is out of control

Is controlling data growth an issue for your organization? Read Jason Davison, Segment Manager for IBM Storage Virtualization discusses how you can address it.

Why Software defined environment strategy makes Tape more attractive?

IBM has heavily advertised its strategy on software defined environment (SDE) to support the exponentially increased demand of cloud computing workloads. Julio Hernandez, IBM Data protection product manager, discusses the strategy in detail.

What happened in Vegas: Client successes and big news for storage

David Vaughn, Marketing Manager, IBM Storage discusses client stories and new announcements made at the recently concluded Enterprise 2014

Executive Corner: Jim Comfort discusses IBM-SAP partnership

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud is now available in IBM’s highly scalable, open, and secure cloud, as part of a major partnership with SAP announced on 14 October. Read the interview of Jim Comfort, General Manager, GTS Cloud Development & Delivery IBM, to know more.