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New Product Announcements

The new IBM Tivoli Storage Manager V7.1.1 announced on 2 September 2014 helps improve data protection and disaster recovery capabilities and extends incremental forever backup to Microsoft Hyper-V. The new capabilities of IBM® Tivoli® Storage Manager V7.1.1 family products include:

  • Cloud, application and VM-aware data protection for any size organization
  • Simplified administration with advanced Operations Center, VMware integration, and policy based management
  • Choose from multiple licensing options for enterprise and Entry offerings, including new Front End capacity option
  • Reduce Microsoft Hyper-V  backup space requirements by up to 95% with incremental ‘forever’ and deduplication
  • Restore VMware files with up to 70% fewer steps

IBM® Virtual Storage Center v5.2.3 Announced 2nd September 2014 enables up to 50% saving in storage costs and provides support for IBM Elastic Storage. Enhancements include:

  • Enables up to 50% reduction in the per terabyte cost of storage, with analytics driven Tiered Storage Optimizer
  • Among the first solutions to integrate data management for systems of record and new systems of engagement using a single administration interface (based on XIV GUI)
  • VSC 5.2.3 is here with faster troubleshooting capabilities, simplified storage Service Class provisioning, simplified snapshot management and many more!
  • VSC and TPC v5.2.3 introduce support for IBM Elastic Storage. Now, administrators can get an at-a-glance view of capacity within and across GPFS clusters.

New Product Information

Tivoli Storage Manager Version 7.1.1: Live Guided Demo Now Available on IBM Service Engage

The Tivoli Storage Manager Guided Demo hosted on Softlayer has been upgraded to V7.1.1 with new scenarios and is now available directly from Service Engage

Updated! IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Web Page on

Analyst Reports

IDC Report: IBM Named #1 in Software Defined Storage Platforms

International Data Corp. (IDC) has ranked IBM as the top ranking supplier of Software Defined Storage Platforms (SDS-P) in its latest Worldwide Storage Software QView for the second quarter 2014, based on software revenue.

Updated!  ESG Lab Validation report- IBM Tivoli Storage manager for Virtual Environment – Aug 2014

This ESG Lab Review documents remote hands-on testing of the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager data protection solution for virtual environments with a focus on ease of use, flexibility and architecture efficiency.

Client Videos

CAS Severn brings enterprise-level storage management to the mid-market with IBM Cloud

Utilizing IBM® Virtual Storage Center Entry, along with Tivoli® Storage Management Suite for Unified Recovery Entry Edition, IBM business partner CAS Severn satisfies the growing demand among its mid-size customers for storage environment uptime, analytics, adaptability and ease of management.

Einstein Healthcare cuts data recovery from 22 hours to 15 minutes with IBM Tivoli

Roger Humphrey, Business Continuity Manager at Albert Einstein Healthcare Network describes the advances made in its storage capabilities with the help of IBM Tivoli Storage Management tools that significantly reduced data recovery time from 22 hours to 15 minutes.

Nyherji dramatically simplifies storage management with IBM TSM Operations Center

Pétur Eyþórsson, Tivoli Storage Manager architect at IBM Premier Business Partner Nyherji, discusses how his company uses IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Operations Center to centralize and streamline data protection and storage management.

Allianz Australia improves recovery time up to 90% with IBM Tivoli Storage Manager solution

Allianz Australia eliminates the challenges of multiple backup environments with an IBM Tivoli Storage Management for Virtual Environments solution.

Hutchinson Regional Medical Center data backup success reaches 98.7% with IBM

Utilizing IBM Tivoli Storage Manager on a private, hybrid cloud for data backup, protection and recovery the Hutchinson Regional Medical Center saves 12 hours per week in data backup time, while achieving 98.7% backup success and robust data restore and recovery capabilities

Webinar Replays to watch

Modernizing Data Protection for SMBs - Storage Software Webcast with Wikibon & Tech Data sponsored by IBM

Today’s small and midsize businesses face just as much risk and complexity around data backup and recovery as large enterprises do, and have to do so with a smaller staff and fewer resources. In this webcast analyst Dave Vellante of Wikibon and Channel Sales Leader RJ Nichols of Tech Data discuss the data protection challenges facing SMBs, and discuss how small and midsize businesses can modernize their data protection without having to increase staff or dedicate business hours to manage backup systems. They also provide recommendations on:

  • How to communicate the ROI of backup and recovery in the way that the line of business can understand
  • Define and meet backup windows
  • Considerations for cloud
  • Existing technologies that provide backup and recovery that is scalable and affordable.

3 Top Storage Trends for 2015 Revealed – 3 September 2014

As CIOs and IT architects continue to be pressurized by management to do more with less and by users to just do more, they’ll have to plan how to accommodate three trends in the IT marketplace – shifting to a hybrid cloud model; big data analytics; and new data protection challenges from BYOD. Watch Steve Woj in this Webinar along with other subject experts discuss the following in this webinar:

  • Use cloud services to improve disaster recovery while limiting costs
  • Keep BYOD from becoming “Users must Backup Your Own Data”
  • Protect software as a service (SaaS) data
  • Improve primary storage and collaboration through the cloud

Converged Storage, VMs and Data Protection:  It Works -- Here's How – 18 September 2014

This webcast explains how to manage and protect VMWare data better in converged systems, with more flexibility, and often at a lower total cost than they are paying for storage and backups today.

“Hybrid Cloud Backup Delivers More for Less” by Jason Buffington from ESG, a storage analyst firm – 29 April

Attend this webinar to learn how to:

  • Understand how organizations are managing the data backup process
  • Gain insights into the pros and cons of offsite cloud capabilities
  • Hear the truth why a hybrid approach to a backup architecture would be better
  • Learn what to look for in a Hybrid Backup Solution

Technical Assets

Monitoring and managing IBM FlashSystem V840 storage systems highlights the new release of IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center V5.2.3

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center V5.2.3 has added support in the following areas:

  • FlashSystem V840 Enterprise Performance Solution system
  • General Parallel File System (GPFS) clusters and GPFS Storage Server (GSS)
  • Fabric troubleshooting for performance and connectivity issues
  • Enhancing storage capacity tiering

Tivoli Storage Productivity Center V5.2.2 provides granularity in performance monitoring charts and improved Storage Resource agent deployment

There were more than a few enhancements to Tivoli Storage Productivity Center V5.2.2, but 1-minute performance data sample intervals and improved Storage Resource agent management functions definitely highlighted the list.

Video Tutorial available for FlashCopy Manager: XIV Remote Mirroring Configuration for Failover

This 20 minutes video shows the configuration of FlashCopy Manager 4.1.1 for VMware - Failover using XIV Remote Mirroring.

Video: Tivoli Storage Manager for the VMware Admin
The 11 min video shows is how the VM administrator can use the data protection for vmware plug-in interface within the vsphere client to protect and recover virtual machines. While virtual machines are being backed up to a TSM server the vmware admin can perform backup and recovery operations with only minimal TSM knowledge.