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New Publication
New IBM Redbooks Publication “IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center” provides an overview of the concepts of Software Defined Environments (SDE), Software Defined Storage (SDS) and how they all work together with IBM® SmartCloud® Virtual Storage Center (VSC). It drills down to the architecture, components, and interfaces giving the details of VSC and how to exploit it. This book provides practical scenarios for client VSC business environments, with focus on VSC component functionality, as well as real-life use cases to administer, and guidance for VSC virtual storage management, provisioning, and optimization.
This book is relevant to storage administrators, users responsible for maintaining IT and business infrastructures, and anyone that wants to learn more about IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center.

The Storage Insights video trailer: Data. Cloud. Insights.
Data is a new natural resource - an immense source of competitive advantage and innovation but with exponential data growth accelerating user demand and infrastructure complexity, most organizations lack a true understanding of their storage environment. With 8$ data management being spent for every 1$ of storage purchased, something has got to change. Now it has! Watch this trailer video to see how IBM Storage Insights converges analytics, cloud, and data management accurately to understand your storage environment, monitor capacity and performance, reclaim allocated but unused storage, optimize data placement with advanced analytics and do it all with cloud based data management.

Overcoming the Data Challenge
Data is the most valuable natural asset available to you today. Mid-sized businesses have the same data protection and management challenges as large enterprises. Leveraging data as a resource to drive and sustain a competitive edge is essential, regardless of the size of your business. Listen to this video to hear how a business uses IBM storage software to achieve high availability and ROI.

Protecting and Managing Data at the Speed of Business
Organizations of all sizes are facing the challenge of growing data while effectively managing and protecting their data at the speed of business. Watch this video to see how IBM storage software offers to help clients embrace data as a business resource while moving at the Speed of Business.

Eliminate the Barriers to Your Cloud Adoption – Join the webcast on 21 January 2015 to learn how IBM, our Technology Partners and clients are reinventing data availability for the hybrid cloud era in order to embrace cloud with confidence.

The Webcast titled “Smarter Data Protection for your Evolving Business” held on Nov 18, 2014 talks about how IBM data protection is the validated and reliable solution that can successfully address your dynamic business requirements with policy-driven remote replication, advanced automated and many more capabilities.

Steve (Woj) Wojtowecz, VP Storage & Network Management Software & Richard Spurlock, CEO & Founder, Cobalt Iron discuss how IBM clients and Business Partners are taking advantage of hybrid clouds, and resolving important issues of data management, data protection, and data security in the Webcast “Data in the World of Dynamic Hybrid Clouds”  that was held on 19 Nov.

Executive Blog
"WojSpeaks"-- Your Data: A Sail or Anchor? - Read the insights Steve "Woj" Wojtowecz, VP, Storage & Network Management, Software Development, shares on leveraging data well for your business in his 4th WojSpeaks edition.

Other Blogs
IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, V5.2.4 storage grouping: a consumer oriented view of Storage - One of the best practices for storage capacity planning is to make sure that the most productive parts of your business organization are using their storage as efficiently as possible. The Tivoli Storage Productivity Center, V5.2.4  storage-grouping concept entails instituting application and department models that systematically enable you to support the SAN resources that your business infrastructure uses on a daily basis.