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Storage Management
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News From IBM

Twitter and IBM announce a new data analytics partnership to launch a new venture that will package Twitter data with IBM’s cloud-based analytics and business consulting services.


Eliminate the Barriers to Your Cloud Adoption – Join the webcast on 21 Jan, 2015 to learn how IBM, our Technology Partners and clients are reinventing data availability for the hybrid cloud era in order to embrace cloud with confidence.


The Webcast titled “Smarter Data Protection for your Evolving Business” held on Nov 18, 2014 talks about how IBM data protection is the validated and reliable solution that can successfully address your dynamic business requirements with policy-driven remote replication, advanced automated and many more capabilities.

Steve (Woj) Wojtowecz, VP Storage & Network Management Software & Richard Spurlock, CEO & Founder, Cobalt Iron discuss how IBM clients and Business Partners are taking advantage of hybrid clouds, and resolving important issues of data management, data protection, and data security in the Webcast “Data in the World of Dynamic Hybrid Clouds”  that was held on 19 Nov.

Executive Blog

With 25+ years of driving data innovation, Steve "Woj" Wojtowecz,VP, Storage & Network Management, Software Development, shares his new executive blog 'Woj Speaks'  to help clients successfully address dynamic and ever-evolving business requirements for protecting and managing their data. Join the discussion where Woj will share his insights every fortnight.

Other Blogs

Why protecting your data can help drive better results - Check out the blog to learn how protecting your data with cutting-edge technology and age-old experience can drive better outcomes for your business.

IBM Tivoli Storage Productivity Center V5.2.4 is here! - New application/department level monitoring and administration are some of the powerful and new capabilities added to the latest version of TPC. Read the blog by Bob Graczyk, a Storage Technical expert to know more.

Customer data protection is a corporate social responsibility - Read this blog on to learn why it is critical for businesses to start protecting customer privacy and data as diligently as they protect their own.

Future of Data Storage: 8 Technologies Changing Storage - Read the blog to check out the top eight technologies that will offer enterprises cheaper, faster and more energy efficient storage in near, medium and long term.

In the Press

Synergy Research named IBM as number 1 hybrid and private cloud provider for the enterprise and positioned among the top three providers in the cloud market for the third quarter of 2014.

Made in IBM Labs - Protecting Personal Data in the Cloud - Check out the announcement where IBM has patented the design for a data privacy engine that can more efficiently and affordably help businesses protect personal data as it is transferred between countries, including across private clouds.

Analyst Report

Frost & Sullivan Sets Five Standards for Cloud Storage Solutions - Check out the Frost & Sullivan report to learn how the right storage infrastructure can help cloud service providers stand out from competitors. The report shows how the IBM XIV storage delivers the five optimal features service providers are looking for: predictability, resiliency, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and integration with other cloud environments.

Client Quotes

New externally approved quotes to drive awareness around the newly released version of Tivoli Storage Productivity Center and Virtual Storage Center

"The new dynamic application capability is a powerful new efficiency feature in IBM's latest release of Tivoli Storage Productivity Center and Virtual Storage Center.  Once grouping patterns are defined for Storage and/or Servers,  individual entities are discovered/removed from the Application or Department group automatically. This "set and forget it" approach substantially reduces the amount of ongoing maintenance required - freeing up valuable IT resources."
- Stan Abramovich, Technical Solutions Designer,  Kohl's Department Stores

"The new grouping function within IBM's Tivoli Storage Productivity Center and Virtual Storage Center is very impressive.  I can now associate my storage resources with applications and departments which provides clarity on usage, and ultimately allows me to accurately charge application owners and department heads based on consumption."
- Marco van Meurs, Storage Specialist, Inframatica

"The recent addition of Dynamic Applications to Tivoli Storage Productivity Center (TPC) and IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center (VSC) allows organizations to take a much consumer oriented view of storage. The ability to group volumes or servers within applications and departments simplifies tasks such as reporting, chargeback and pinpointing issues affecting performance."  
- Chris Aveta, Manager of Advanced Infrastructure Services, Micro Strategies Inc.

"The addition of Dynamic Applications is particularly helpful for larger clients with several storage arrays and thousands of volumes.  This newly released capability delivers context, allowing administrators to easily create logical groupings of storage resources into different areas of storage like development, test and production, across departments such as HR and Finance or associated with applications such as ERP or CRM systems."

- Chris Aveta, Manager of Advanced Infrastructure Services, Micro Strategies Inc.

"Server Multi-path Reporting is a great addition to the Tivoli Storage Productivity Center and Virtual Storage Center arsenal. This delivers improved insights into the end-to-end health of the storage system and simplifies identifying any point of service degradation as the users can more easily monitor multiple paths without having to log in to individual components."  

- Chris Aveta, Manager of Advanced Infrastructure Services, Micro Strategies Inc.