Date & Time: 31 October, 12pm-1pm - (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

  • The third session will cover use-cases associated with assigning work orders to people & crews and managing geographically dispersed work with a field-based workforce:
    • The maintenance manager needs to review next week’s scheduled work orders to make sure the parts are in stock. If parts are not available for the work, he will need to reschedule such work orders and replace them with other pending work orders.
    • Part of a maintenance supervisor’s role is to assign work to maintenance technicians or crews based on their skill and availability. To do this quickly and accurately, they need to view their current assignments, break time, shift and vacation time.
    • The dispatcher has received an emergency work order for the northeast part of the city that needs to be worked on within the next 2 hours. They need to see who is in the vicinity and who is available to undertake the work.