Date & Time:  10 October, 12pm-1pm - (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time)

  • The second session will cover how to use the Maximo Scheduler towork through some typical planning use-cases encountered by Maximo users:
    • The general manager has requested a maintenance forecast for the next 5 years.  The maintenance planners need to show all the forecast maintenance for each asset in a gantt chart across the 5 years and provide a high-level budget per year
    • Quarterly and Annual overhauls are forecast for the same asset later this year.  Update one of the work orders so the asset is only taken down for maintenance once rather than for the two separate events.
    • Five (5) trucks are due for annual maintenance next month. The operations planner would needs to know the availability of the repair bay in various locations so that he can coordinate truck routes such that they will be in the vicinity of the assigned bay in time for maintenance.