Czech & Slovak GSE Tivoli User Group

Czech & Slovak GSE Tivoli User Group

Czech & Slovak GSE Tivoli User Group
Date Established: August 1, 2006
About Us

The Czech and Slovak user group is a group of customers, partners and tivoli users who share practical knowledge, best-practices and experiences on Tivoli and Maximo products
The main goal is to achieve interaction between customers,users and IBM interfaces to achieve maximum sharing of experiences,knowledge and best tivoli practices amongst the tivoli user community in the Czech republic and Slovakia
The increased interaction allows us as customers ,users and IBM to influence the strategies,product creation and development of Tivoli Products. Every contribution counts and this interface allows us to directly shape the tivoli products.
The Czech and Slovak group is part of a very large,strong,long-running and effective network of Tivoli Products users operational for a number of years to date.  The ease of accessibility to the large community allows for a broader sharing and learning experiences

  -Interaction with other tivoli customers and users locally and  globally
  -Increased access to Product Knowledge and Experience
  -Access to Tivoli expertise and executives
  -Information on new Tivoli products and Tivoli product revisions
  -Access to product reviews
  -Participation in forums , blogs and group meetings involving tivoli products
  -Supplementing Tivoli Training activities
  -Ability to influence Tivoli Product, Services and Support Strategies

Lessons from the community approach
 - The Tivoli User community is well established on its core principles which has brought success stories around the world. The approaches includes
 - Most groups holds at least 2 meetings a year with hot topics which have brought many success stories from the shared knowledge and best practises
 - Members do actively participate by making suggestions on discussion topics and quesitions
 - Customer presentations and Training are promoted in many meetings
 - Workshops allowing detailed discussions on certain topics
 - Hot topics discussions and views from expertise
 - Concerns, issues and ideas are communicated to Tivoli executives

Group Activity
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