Romanian Tivoli User Group

Romanian Tivoli User Group

Romanian Tivoli User Group
Networking, sharing of knowledge and experience, and a unique link into IBM Tivoli with access to Tivoli experts and Executives.
About Us

 Welcome to the Tivoli Romanian User Group!

This group is maintained with the involvement of the users and has a very simple and effective objective: to help obtain the most out of Tivoli products. If you have doubts on how to use any of the Tivoli products, here is the place where you will find the answers.

We have extensive experience with Omnibus, Webtop, WebGUI, Impact, TBSM, ITNM, TNPM, Maximo Asset Management but we are always eager to hear from our members on their experiences and learn as much as we can from their past achievements.

Of course, we are certain we don’t know everything! so we had the idea of having users helping users. If you know something about Tivoli products that other users don’t, just answer them.

Experienced users helping others to become experienced in the future is the main goal of this group.

When in doubt, search through the Forum and Wiki posts and if the answer to your problems is not available make sure you post the question to the group. Write a title that describes briefly what you are looking for as it will help other users seach more easily, when they have the same questions.

Please don’t use the Blog page for questions. We want Blog’s to be mainly about Tutorials & FAQs and if you post a question there you will be encouraged to move it to the Forum.

If you are an experienced user with years of experience using Tivoli products and want to contribute with Tutorials, you are welcome to do so, but please, be sure to write them in a manner that makes them easy to follow and understand.

Photos, videos, music will be deleted unless they are related to some question.

SPAM won’t be tolerated: messages will be deleted and the users removed.

We want this group to help you have a better experience with Tivoli products.

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